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About Us

About Hauteloom.

Hauteloom’s History at a Glance

The story of Hauteloom began in Gaziantep, one of the oldest and most prominent carpet hubs in Anatolia. A few years after starting his career in the industry at the heart of this antique art, an ambitious young man, Hauteloom’s founder Moe Ibrisim, came to the United States of America in 2002 with a vision. After working for one of the big names in the area rug industry and studying the American market for a year, he decided it was time to take a leadership role in bringing the exquisite rugs of his hometown and the tradition passed from generation to generation to the American consumer.

Partnering with his brother Nihad, a seasoned professional in the Turkish area rug scene, the duo opened several brick-and-mortar stores in Georgia over the subsequent years. Fueled by unwavering support and burgeoning demand from patrons for over a decade, the brothers officially founded Hauteloom LLC in 2017, setting out to provide items across a diverse range of lifestyles and budgets and to improve the buying experience for designers, retailers, and end consumers nationwide. 

Specializing exclusively in area rugs, Hauteloom’s products immediately became popular all over the USA. Beyond providing high-quality rugs, Hauteloom is committed to a broader mission—to continually elevate the standards of the industry and foster a culture of appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship inherent in every rug offered. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, we take great pride in introducing exquisite Turkish rugs to the American consumer since 2003.

About Us

Hauteloom offers a curated collection of cutting-edge machine-made rugs. Crafted using state-of-the-art technology and the finest materials, our rugs blend modern aesthetics with timeless allure. Experience the pinnacle of quality and innovation as we set new standards for excellence in craftsmanship and design.

Empowering Local

Hauteloom proudly engages and empowers local Turkish women by creating meaningful employment opportunities. By fostering an inclusive workplace, we not only enhance the quality of our products but also contribute to the empowerment and economic well-being of local communities both in Turkey and the US.

Our journey involves traversing cultural boundaries to bring these exceptional rugs from the heart of Anatolia to the homes and spaces of the United States. Our team takes great care to preserve the authenticity, craftsmanship, and cultural heritage embedded in every rug. We aspire to enhance the living spaces of our customers while preserving the rich traditions that make each Hauteloom rug a unique masterpiece.

Quality Assurance

We are proud to announce that our manufacturing facilities have passed the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) monitoring test, proving Hauteloom's commitment to ethical and legal standards in the global supply chain. By undergoing the Amfori BSCI audit, Hauteloom has demonstrated a dedication to upholding responsible workplace practices. 

Hauteloom’s production meets the standards of ISO 9001, which is a globally recognized standard for quality management systems. It provides a framework for organizations to establish and maintain processes that ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality products or services. By implementing ISO 9001, Hauteloom showcases its dedication to maintaining high standards of quality, ensuring customer satisfaction, and actively pursuing ongoing improvement.

Hauteloom also implements ISO 27001:2013, an internationally recognized standard that ensures that the quality management system is process oriented, and specifically built to the needs of customers.

At Hauteloom, environmental responsibility is one of our core values. Hauteloom recognizes the importance of sustainability, and prioritizes eco-friendly practices. All our rugs proudly bear the OEKO-TEX® certification, a testament to our commitment to creating products that are free from harmful substances and manufactured in environmentally responsible facilities.

Roots and Tradition

Hand-woven rugs and carpets in the Middle East have a storied history dating back thousands of years, with Persia being a major hub for craftsmanship, especially during the Safavid dynasty. Anatolia, present-day Turkey, also boasts a rich tradition, particularly in the southeastern region. Here, Kurdish, Turkmen, and other tribal groups have contributed distinct styles and motifs to Anatolian rug weaving. Anatolia emerged as a key trading center during the Ottoman Empire, facilitating the exchange of rugs between East and West. Today, these rugs remain prized for their craftsmanship, durability, and cultural significance, serving as cherished heirlooms and valuable exports.

an extensive network

Committed to Our Partners

Hauteloom takes pride in supplying an extensive network of resellers across the nation. With over two decades of experience in the American market, our commitment to fostering strong partnerships with retailers is a cornerstone of our mission. 

Hauteloom's expansive reach within the reseller community is a testament to our dedication to making premium rugs accessible to a broad audience. We believe in not only enhancing living spaces but also in contributing to the success of our valued reselling partners, creating a mutually beneficial relationship that reflects our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations. Many of our partner resellers, including Boutique Rugs, express satisfaction with our collaboration, highlighting the positive impact on their business and the quality of our products.

Hauteloom Trade Program

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By providing resellers with an array of high-quality products, and a seamless ordering process, Hauteloom assists resellers in curating a distinctive and appealing selection for their customers.

Hauteloom also collaborates with interior designers, offering a selection of high-quality rugs that complement diverse styles. Our commitment to excellence includes open communication, flexibility, and personalized services, providing designers with the tools and support needed to effortlessly integrate Hauteloom's rugs into their projects.


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